Embrace your face

Yup, life is good. We get to grow hair on our faces. And there's hundreds of looks & styles, so let it grow. Just make sure you keep it clean, keep it soft and keep it healthy.

It's beard care for all beardkind.

Guys, it's time to really enjoy your beard. It's the most unique way to create your own personal style. And it's built right into your face. But if you're going to do it, make sure you take care of it. It's not like the hair on your head. Beard care is skin care. That's why we created bushii.

Bushii was created for everyone on their facial hair adventure. Enjoy that big bushii ride.

Our Beard Balms

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    Our bergamot beard balm is a warm citrus scent that gives off a distinctly Mediterranean vibe. More importantly, it moisturizes your hair and skin, keeping your beard soft, clean and less itching.

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  • beard styling

    Red Grapefruit

    Our red grapefruit beard balm is a refreshingly sweet, fresh scent with a combination of nourishing ingredients to promote healthy growth and soothe the skin. It works to moisturizes your beard and skin, keeping it healthy and soft.

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Beard care is skin care so when you use bushii beard balm, you're doing a lot

Why choose a beard balm?

No more itching

Bushii nourishes your skin and beard, locking in moisture to fight dry skin, and get rid of that itchy feeling that makes you want to shave.

No more beard dandruff

No dry skin means no more flakes and dandruff. And boom, you can wear a black T-shirt again.

Hold & Styling

Our beard balm is a beeswax base and when you rub it into your beard, it feels full and gives you a chance to style it with a comb or brush. It makes your whole look feel purposeful.

Soft & healthy looking

Our beeswax base helps to lock in all the natural ingredients that keep your beard looking healthy and maybe most important, soft. Believe us, your loved one's will thank you